Thursday, May 12, 2005

In Which My Verbal Klutziness Issues In A Happy Accident, For Once

I have just today, through precisely no merit or cleverness on my own part, accidentally invented a brand-new and, I humbly submit, tremendously useful word.

It is a word in Yinglish, the recently identified (yo, CM) but undeniably up-and-coming hybrid dialect located at the fecund crossroads of Yiddish (language of kvetching and fatalistic resignation) and English (language of empire and Freedom Fries).

Brought to you by my occasionally-and-in-this-case-felicitously-less-than-agile tongue. The bastard child of meshuga and mitigate. I am puffed toadlike with pride to present for the first time ever: 'mishigating circumstances'.

Which is to say, there will be certain things you can get away with, on the grounds that you're just kinda crazy like that.

Now go forth, do your worst, and plead mishigating circumstances, my children. Tell them I sent you.

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