Sunday, May 01, 2005

Extra! Extra!

Scorching through the mail slot today, a white-hot new issue of Brent People, aka the Podling Gazette. It looks just like a real newspaper! An impressive-but-not-profligate nine pics of The Sarah Teather in this issue, which is at pains to point out in a corner-box that it is 'FREE', i.e., you're not going to get a bill for their having shoved it under your door.

Try as you might, you cannot hate The Sarah Teather. I dare you. With her pudgy cheeks, her earnest tĂȘtes-a-tĂȘte with Charles Kennedy and the school children of Brent, her coquettish refusal to denominate the competition as anything but 'Tony Blair's Labour Candidate', her mini-matron skirtsuits and her special business-lady neckerchief, she is every inch My Li'l Apparatchik. You just want to pat her little head.

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