Monday, April 11, 2005

Who Do You Gotta Shoot to Break a Ceasefire Around Here?

Lord knows I should be used to it by now, but I just never seem to get over quite how unbalanced even the 'good' Western media coverage of Israel and Palestine is.

On the in-most-other-ways-sterling BBC News site, the story of Saturday's killing of 3 teenaged soccer-playing Palestinian boys by the IDF is headlined 'Gaza violence jeopardizes truce'. The Guardian's Chris McGreal, (whose coverage is getting noticeably more pro-Palestinian the longer he's over there), headlines his version 'Killing of three Gaza youths puts ceasefire under strain'.

Can someone please tell me what it is about the conceptual collision of 'shooting three boys' and 'ceasefire' that I'm missing here? Where I come from, if you shoot someone, you have ceased ceasing to fire. You have in fact started a startfire.

How is it that the media seem to think the ceasefire is bulletproof, so long as they're IDF bullets?

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