Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Those Nefarious Arabs

With their tireless efforts to push the Jews into...'a wider Arab peace initiative which would offer Israel full recognition in return for a full withdrawal from the occupied territories'?

Yup. When Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, aka 'King of the Repressive Murderous Undemocratic Spine-Tinglingly Corrupt Middle Eastern Regime We Like', spent a dirty weekend at the Crawford ranch, he attempted to focus discussion on solutions like the above proposal to advance the Israel-Palestine peace process.

Strange to say, W, whose government 'is yet to comment on a recent landmark national election in Saudi Arabia that saw Islamist parties dominate a men-only vote', wasn't much interested in that conversational gambit. Seems he just kept steering the table talk back around to, hmm, well, oil.

It's almost as if he had some ulterior motive for hanging with Abdullah. Do you think he really likes him?

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