Thursday, April 14, 2005

Never Accuse the NYT of Underinflammatory Reportage

From an article revealing that, in addition to the well-known risk of dehydration, we must now also fret about overhydration:

'The risks to athletes from drinking too much liquid have worried doctors and race directors for several years. As more slow runners entered long races, doctors began seeing athletes stumbling into medical tents, nauseated, groggy, barely coherent and with their blood severely diluted. Some died on the spot.'

Some? Died? On the spot?

In a trippily pulp-like development, it appears that drinking too much water while running a marathon causes your brain to swell:

'During intense exercise the kidneys cannot excrete excess water. As people keep drinking, the extra water moves into their cells, including brain cells. The engorged brain cells, with no room to expand, press against the skull and can compress the brain stem, which controls vital functions like breathing. The result can be fatal.'


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