Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dear Readers

I trust I may count on your forbearance if, just this once, I drop my customary authorial reserve to commemorate a landmark occasion in my own life.

Today, a scant two weeks into my jeu de blog, I have received my first Trackback. I confess I'm still not 100% clear on what a Trackback is (any explanations welcomed), but I feel it must be a good thing, in that it shows that at least one person has been looking at my blog.

The fact that that one person is a PBA-trolling conservative who posts in the persona of a cat could be considered regrettable by some, but I take it in a spirit of inclusiveness. The fact that said person commits the unpardonable-in-2005 error of presuming me to be male, less so.

However, given that 'Ferdinand T. Cat' has gone to the trouble of trackbacking (backtracking? tracking my back?) me apparently for the sole purpose of confessing his own cognitive limitations, I would be churlish not to proffer both my sympathies and my best wishes for speedily improved reading comprehension. They say it helps to practice.

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